1. Take Over The World!

    *What are some of the questions that are stopping you from running the world? * - Seth Godin

    I feel like if you ask that question to yourself every day along with realizing that you have the same 24 hours that everyone else has, your priorities should start to change,right?

  2. Under the Wire

    Even if its late, it still counts…right?

  3. I have a Medium


    4Wrote a post on medium last night.

    I write them every Sunday, they are used to sum up my thoughts on what I do on this blog everyday.

    Take a look - https://medium.com/@TheHonorableAT/monday-stinks-and-its-all-my-fault-690831993c94

  4. Decision

    Next Monday I will try to get up earlier and Plan everything at home early.

  5. Building a Bridge

    I have to figure out how to bridge what I want with what I have.

    Here are some solutions

    1) Wake up Earlier - I have to add all these things to my life, so I would need to get up earlier to accomodate - maybe around 5:30 to get my minimum plans together for the week. 2) Modularize - Make everything I want to be done in a specific time block - when I wake up, when I go to work, when I come home etc. 3) Remove the unnecessary - Just start cutting until I get to the minimum I want.

  6. What Do I Want on Monday

    What Do I Want on Monday

    1) Smooth Planning Process 2) Contact to understand what my weeks goals are 3) Clean Up old things, welcome the week with a fresh slate. 4) Thank the people the week before 5) Write something new 6) Work out for energy

    This can go across all of my activities. I’ll focus on how to make them work with my projects tomorrow.

  7. Monday Process

    What is my process on Monday?

    I have 6 tasks I have to do on Monday. They are as follows.

    1)Plan for the week 2)Call a Vendor 3)Clean 4)Exercise 5)Thank Someone 6)Write

    The last 3 are things that I plan on doing everyday.

    At Work: I spend about 2 hours planning my calendar and seeking out what my week will be. I make phone calls, send emails, and create problem tickets.

    Comedy: Nothing is planned.

    Writing: Nothing is planned

    Spring Domino: Nothing is planned

  8. Mondays Stink Because of Me

    Mondays stink because of me.

    There is nothing wrong with Monday as it is, there is nothing about the day of Monday that makes me sad, its just another day on the calendar, and the start of a work week.

    How can I make Monday’s better?

    That’s the theme this week.

  9. Frozen

    Be frozen stay frozen.

  10. No Resignation

    I am not a fan of resigning myself to fate. It is the easy path to a mediocre life.