Go Help.

Reaching out doesn’t mean people will accept the hand.

Do it righteously, and the right opportunities will appear.


Things get worse before they get better because you’re stretching further than you are comfortable.

That’s how you get stronger.


Life is built for those who keep iterating.

Never doubt the strength in those who can keep pushing forward. The force of will can create something beautiful if you keep going.

Bruce Lee Genius

Be like water - Bruce Lee

Sometimes I don’t see this quote for the genius that it is. At the surface, you can see it as water being flexible. “Water becomes the cup.” However, water also does two things.

  1. It is as powerful as it needs to be to get to where it is going - there is nothing stopping a river from flowing. Even if you dam the river - if you don’t redirect, one day, whether it is a week or a thousand years, the water will break the dam.

  2. It is always moving. Even water in a puddle is pushing against the ground, smoothing, sanding, and digging into the world. If it finds itself unable to accomplish its task in time, it reverts into air, only to come down as rain again to try once more.

So. Be like water.

The Truth

The truth is difficult to figure out. Once it is however, be prepared to find push back. Arrows will be slung at everything but that truth, but in the end, that is how you know that the truth is the truth.

Armor up.

New Space

Every once in a while you will have the ability to stretch out your understanding.

It will be scary, uncomfortable, and time consuming.

Don’t run. Breathe - accept that, and realize at the end you will be better for it.

It’s Not You

People don’t want to be helped because they are scared to admit they could have been wrong.

Late Turnaround.

Arriving early should be a priority. Lead time leads to results.


Everytime you go do your task it becomes an opportunity to get better. This can happen only if you let it.